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the girls are hard at work making this page go from good to great.


so, about me?

wiwy win (she/her)

this website was made for fun to see if i could make a website all by myself.

some of my interests include:

fun facts!

did you know?


gold peak peach tea is my favorite bottled tea flavor! i buy it a lot from the dollar store. unfortunately the dollar store has a tendency to not throw out expired food items on time and i have accidentally drank tea scoby from a bottle more than once.

times i have drank expired/stale iced tea: 3

a fact about this website:

i named it (8lb horse heart) after a quote from the ada limon poem "how to triumph like a girl"


5/4/23: been really busy, haven't spent much time updating the website. school's out so hopefully i can get more time to work on this. in the mean time i've decided that i should make this into an actual /blog/ and not just... a webpage :P stay tuned

4/23/23: tried my best but ultimately failed to add a marquee to this homepage. still working on that gallery

4/22/23: added this right bar and started working on a new page 4 the website. this ones gonna be a food gallery for all the stuff i've cooked (lol)